InstaWebinar software and service is FREE.


No need to sign up or pay for anything. Just download the software and run in on your Windows PC and instantly begin giving great webinars to up to 100 participants.


While participants can join on any device (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), at this time presenters are only supported on Windows 7 and up.


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While using InstaWebinar is about as simple as you can get, you can watch our video tutorials here for some more detailed explanations.  We will be posting these soon.


A webcam is not required to host an InstaWebinar, but it does add a great deal of content to your webinar and will keep participant attention much better than PowerPoint and voice alone. All webcams are supported. Please make sure you have the latest drivers installed.

Some have asked why we don't support mobile devices or Mac for webinar presenters. The bottom line is that since this software and service is offered absolutely free, we simply do not have the resources necessary to support those operating systems. Apple makes it VERY difficult to develop software on their systems, and even more difficult and costly to provide that software in their Apple Stores.


Dependiing on the success of InstaWebinar, we fully intend to add addditional operating systems down the road. We apologize, in the meantime, to all the Apple and Android users out there that would love to use InstaWebinar for pressentations.


We will continue to support 100% cross-platform compatibility for participants.

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